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Welcome to visit us in Nuorgam, Northern Finland, Lapland

Welcome to visit us in Sápmi, Northern Finland, Lapland. Nuorgam is the northernmost village in Finland, betweeen the border of Finland and Norway. We are a Sámi reindeer herder family. Arctic Siida offers custom tours in the Northernmost region in Sápmi, Lapland Finland. Contact us by email or whatsapp and let´s plan together your dream holiday in Nuorgam.

Aslat-Jon & Sivi

Unique holiday cabins, personal service

We offer individual service for small groups

Spent a night in our special goahti

Why not spending a night or two in our unique cabin goahti. Goahti is in our home area, right next to our home reindeer. The place is perfect, if you want to see the norhtern lights or crystal clear sky with full of stars. While laying and enjoying the open fire in bed, you can see our home reindeer thru the window. Read more.

Activities in Nuorgam

Nuorgam is the Northernmost village in Finland and Europe. Our activities are based in Finland and Norway, but are nearby in Nuorgam. Most of the activities are run by oursleves, but some activities in Norway are run by our friends.

Rent a mountainbike

Nuorgam offers you mindblowing landscabes in Deatnu river-valley and on Nuorgam hills. We will guide you to some of our favourite places in nearby.

Day activitys

Let´s fill your day in Nuorgam with the most unforgettable experiences in artctic nature with us.

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