About us

We are small family company in Northernmost village in Finland. Arctic Siida was created by accident, when Aslat´s other family company´s Tenon Luonnontuote, which produces premium reindeer meat products in the area. Customers all around Finland and Europe wanted to come for a visit and see where does this high quality food come from.
Guest´s wanted also to get known better about Sámi culture and to experience Sámi reindeer herding and other nature experiences in the arctic nature.

Aslat-Jon has lived his whole life in Nuorgam and has been raised middle of the Sámi culture and reindeer herding. My profession is reindeer herder and food producer in meat industry. Everything that I see and experience in my daily life in reindeer herding, it keeps impressing me every time.

Wife Sivi comes also from a Sámi reindeer herding family. She helps in Arctic Siida preparations on high season time.

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